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Be Visionary

Welcome to the Clix revolution! We're changing the world of wipers...together!

Let's work togeter to give our customers the ultimate service and let us help you grow your business

The Opportunity Grows

We continue to develop new and better ways to support our re-seller community. A few simple ways we support our re-sellers are:

  1. Promotions & Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
  2. Store Locator Listing
  3. Same or Next Day Shipping
  4. International Shipping Available
  5. Drop Ship Capabilities

    Enjoy Re-Seller Benefits

    By signing up to be a Clix Re-Seller, you are guarenteed free Ground Shipping* within 24 hours + free Starter Clips for each vehicle with your opening purchase, and will save a whopping $5/wiper blade vs retail pricing. *within continguous 48 United States 

    **Greater discounts for bulk purchases please contact us below for more infromation!

    Partner Testimonials

    "The most unique wiper I've seen in 40 years in the automotive business!"

    Bob, QuickLube

    "My mechanics are loving Clix! The blades work great and they change them in a heart beat."

    Phil, Fleet Owner

    "This is awesome, I've never seen anything like it. This is going to change the game."

    Sam, Mechanic

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