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Clix Wipers® is revolutionizing the automotive industry. 

Thinking differently about the user experience is at the center of developing the first consumer friendly wiper blade in history. No gimmicks, no fluffy marketing, no fancy words. Clix Wipers® is just a a wiper that works and that can be replaced in seconds.

Simple. Effective. Revolutionary.

Let's start with the patented Clix Wiper Technology®. We have discovered a new way to empower the driver - make a wiper blade that ANYONE can install and replace, easily!

We've watched the industry develop new kinds of rubber, new styles of blades, new add-on technologies that promise to give drives night vision, and new wiping materials, but none have paid attention to the drivers need to change wipers themselves. 

We believe that you should need a PhD and a toolbox to change your wiper.


The importance of safety is paramount to our Clix Wipers' principles. We believe safety begins with thoughtful design, thorough education, and empowerment. We've designed a wiper blade that can be changed in seconds by anyone at an honest price.

Seeing through your windshield is not a luxury, it's your right. 

The Clix Wiper System® was developed based on three pillars: 

  1. Empowerment 
  2. Security 
  3. Abundance 

The Clix System® was created to empower drivers to change their own wiper blades. We wanted driver to feel secure about never driving with bad wipers when they have a spare pair in the trunk. And finally, we wanted to ensure that drivers always have an abundant supply of fresh blades with a subscription. 

The Driver's Experience is our first priority. 

The Clix Wiper® is a windshield wiper blade that meets all of our quality and performance standards. With over twenty years in the windshield wiper industry, private labeling for giant companies, and developing wiper systems for international manufacturers we believe that our Clix Wipers® will be the last wiper you will ever use.

Easy Installation. Fast Replacement. Convenient Subscription.

Clix Wipers Best Durable Fast Change Clicks


  • Patented Clix Technology®
  • All Weather Construction
  • Durable Natural Compression Modeled Rubber
  • Reinforced Flexible Design
  • Air Foil 
  • Tested to Perform at 1.5 Million Swipes


Get EXACTLY what you need. No more PhD's needed to figure out which of the included clips attaches to your wiper arm. 

Install with gloves on.
Always have Spare Pair.
All weather engineering.
Clix Wiper Frozen Best Winter Blade
One wiper to Rule them all 
Mindful Packaging - Plastic free
Truly DIY
Wiper Rejuvenator
Savings - Over 50% less than expensive then leading brands
Ease to use even with limited access to wiper
swap colors in seconds - rep your style/your cause