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Convenient. Accessible. Self Serve. 

Clix Wipers® has made wipers better. Now introducing Clix Vending® an all new way to buy wipers! 

The weather doesn't have business hours.  Clix Vending® makes the buying process easier by being accessible 24/7. 


STEP ONE: Insert Credit Card

STEP TWO: Enter Year Make Model and receive the 2 correct wiper blades and 2 Starter Clips

STEP THREE: Send Installation video directly to your phone

STEP FOUR: Click-on your Clix Wipers®

If you are interested in Clix Vending® please contact us directly. 

Clix Wipers®

3440 Saint Johns Parkway
Suite 1062
Sanford, Florida 32771
1(800) 692-3962