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Our Vision

Clix Wiper Blades are a new category of wiper blade, a click-on wiper blade, designed around drastically improving the driver’s overall wiper blade experience. This includes the driving experience, the maintenance, and the customer experience.

Clix is a patented, game-changing technology for wiper blades, and our team is extremely excited to introduce Clix Wipers to our business partners, our fleet partners, local mechanics, and of course YOU, the drivers!

Our Past

Although Clix is the latest and greatest product in windshield wipers, our family has actually been in the wiper blade industry for over 25 years. Starting in 1991 Paula Lombard (our President and Mother!) founded Wipers Express by driving around NJ selling wiper blades out of the trunk of her car to local gas stations.

Selling automotive products in a male-dominated industry wasn't easy, but Paula was (and still is!) a determined and powerful woman! She and her team went through the typical ups-and-downs of a new business on top of navigating global economic changes. However, through sheer hustle, incredible resilience, and an honest business philosophy, the business grew exponentially, eventually reaching over $20 million in annual sales.

Our Present

Co-Founders (and brothers!) Arthur and Anthony grew up in the Wipers Express (now Wexco Industries) warehouse - packing wiper blades, making sales calls, managing customer service requests and learning everything there was to know about the world of windshield wipers.

In 2016, Art and Anthony started a new venture together called AutoTex with the mission of providing wiper solutions for branded and private label wiper blades, wiper motors, wiper arms and even OEM wiper systems. AutoTex now serves commercial fleets and business around the world.


Our Future

Our combined years of experience, our understanding of the industry, and our absolute "will" to change the world of wipers forever has led us here. We look forward to fundamentally improving our customers' wiper blade experience through Clix Wipers!