Our Inspiration

We’ve been in the windshield wiper business for over 25 years. Over that time, we’ve seen many changes in the industry, and not for the better. Every new style or innovation that we saw come to the marketplace came from the big national brands and didn’t seem to do anything. All it did was cost people time and money while being frustrating and confusing. We saw the opportunity to create something different, something that actually put drivers first and worked to improve the safety and overall driving experience of the customer.

Our Past

Founders and brothers Arthur and Anthony grew up in the windshield wiper business. They both worked in a warehouse for a company called Wipers Express, where they packaged wipers, made sales calls, managed customer service requests, and learned everything there is to know about windshield wipers and the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision was to turn the world of windshield wiper blades upside down. We did this by developing an entirely new category of wiper blade. Clix Wipers are click on blades designed to be easy to install and drastically improve the overall driving experience by addressing the problems of traditional wipers. All wipers should be like Clix Wipers.

Our Future

Our combined years of experience, industry expertise, and drive to improve the lives and experience of drivers everywhere is what has led us this far. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We will continue to work and innovate to bring safe and convenient automotive solutions through our wipers to drivers the world around.

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