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Wipers Re-imagined

We are on a mission to make wipers better for everyone.   Our patented Clix Wiper Blades are a new category of wiper blade, a click-on wiper blade that anyone can replace in under 10 seconds.  The best installation of any wiper is just the start.  Clix Wipers are an all-weather premium wiper blade designed to last at least 1 year, or 1.5 million cycles.

How It Works

Never have bad wipers again.  Simply enter your vehicle's Year, Make, and Model and get 2 Clix wipers and 2 Clix starter clips specifically for your vehicle.  When you subscribe, you receive a FREE Spare Pair of Clix wiper blades with your subscription.  Keep your spare pair handy so you're equipped for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. 

Get your fresh pair Clix Wipers delivered every 6 or 12 months.  Simply click-on your new wipers in 10 seconds when it's most convenient, not when it's pouring rain.

Mix and Match Colors

Introducing Clix INK!  Thanks to our patented click-on system, Clix INK® enables you to express yourself and your passions.  Mix-and-match colors every time your subscription arrives.  Get one set of OG Black and one set of Pink.  Get all black...all pink.  Your choice!

Available NOW: Make a statement with Clix PINK® wipers.  Proudly express your support of the fight against breast cancer! Clix donates a portion of every sale to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). 

More colors and patterns to follow :) 

Watch How Easy

  • Click-n-Go

    Clix has a patented installation system that ALL drivers can securely install in under 10 seconds

  • Embedded Rain Repellent

    Clix improves your driving experience by automatically applying our rain repellent to your windshield.  Watch rain drops fly off while you drive.

  • All-Weather Design

    Clix is designed with an all-rubber flex frame that performs in all weather conditions

  • Durable

    Clix wiper blades have been thoroughly tested to perform for 1.5 million cycles.  That's a ton!